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    River Conservation Society Inc.

Avon River ~ York ~ Western Australia

The goals of the River Conservation Society are to promote public interest in the natural history and natural eco-systems of the Avon Valley, Western Australia. We aim to study, preserve and restore the flora and fauna of these eco-systems paying special attention to waterways, in particular the Avon River and its tributaries in the Shire of York.


Environmental projects we are currently undertaking in the Shire of York

Western Australia

Conservation Reserves

The R.C.S. holds Management Orders over ten Crown Reserves in the Shire of York, Western Australia, for the purpose of landscape protection and conservation

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How You Can Help

  • Memberships - Join us  - Volunteer with us


  • Donate your recyclable containers


  • Make a tax deductible donation

Activities & Events

A list of our upcoming activities and events.

Come and join us!

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