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About the
R.C.S. Managed
Bushland Reserves


During the course of their early work in the 1990’s, the River Conservation Society (R.C.S.) became aware that many crown reserve areas of bushland in the York region were not actively managed.

The R.C.S. applied for permission to care for several of the reserves, with the purpose of retaining and restoring natural habitat and facilitating landscape connectivity. In 2004, after much negotiation between the R.C.S, the Shire of York and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, the R.C.S. was given permission to manage ten crown reserves for the purpose of “Conservation and Landscape Protection”.

The R.C.S. Reserves Group is currently reassessing the ten reserves to see what work needs to be done for future rehabilitation and protection. As each reserve is assessed the updated information will be posted to our Projects page.


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