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Conservation Reserve.


Reserve Name: Orchid Conservation Reserve.

Area: 11 ha.

Location: Shire of York.

Access: Great Southern Highway.

Custodian: River Conservation Society Inc.

Vegetation Assemblages: Medium woodland of York Gum (Eucalyptus loxophleba).

Waterways: Seven tributaries of the Avon River.

Soil Types: Red and grey deep sandy and loamy duplex.


The Orchid Nature Conservation Reserve is a 5km long, narrow strip of land hugging the Great Southern Highway near Gwambygine. The purpose of the reserve is to protect the rich orchid and wildflower diversity that occurs on the roadside strip. It is dissected by 7 small tributaries of the Avon River and is a generally damp, and partially disturbed environment, perfect for a variety of orchids to grow. Three signs were erected on the reserve in 2020.

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