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Cowering Well Conservation Reserve.


Reserve Name: Cowering Well Conservation Reserve.

Area: 6.3 ha.

Location: Shire of York Western Australia

Reserve: R15812

Management: River Conservation Society Inc.

Vegetation Assemblages: Medium woodlands of York Gum and medium woodlands of Wandoo, York gum, Salmon gum, Morrel and Gimlet.

Waterways: Boonmull Brook and Kauring Well.

Soil Types: The reserve has a range of soils types: yellow sandy earth, yellow/brown deep sandy duplex, alkaline grey deep sandy duplex, red deep loamy duplex and red deep sandy duplex and saline wet soil.


Negotiations for the River Conservation Society’s (R.C.S.) management of several Lots in the Kauring townsite began in 2001. In July 2009, the Shire of York Reserve 15812 at Kauring was vested in the RCS and renamed the Cowering Well Nature Conservation Reserve. In addition, a licence for “Rubbish Removal and Maintenance” was granted over Lot 22961 which bounds the Cowering Reserve to the west.

The old stone Cowering Well which was dug alongside the Boonmull Brook in the late 1800’s is still intact in the reserve and a valuable part of local history. The area holds significance for descendants of Tommy Yarran, a prominent Ballardong elder.

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