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Tanjinn Well Conservation Reserve.


Reserve Name: Tanjinn Well Conservation Reserve (To be officially named).

Reserve Number:  50542.

Area: 16.68 ha.

Location: Quairading-York Road and Wrights Road, Shire of York.

Custodian: River Conservation Society Inc.

Vegetation: Mixed woodland, main species are Needle Tree (Hakea preissii), Wandoo (Eucalyptus wandoo), York Gum (Eucalyptus loxophleba), Salmon Gum (Eucalyptus salmonophloia) and Swamp Sheoak (Casuarina obesa). Understory of mixed shrubs, herbs and grasses.

Waterways: Pitt Brook.

Soil Types: Red and grey deep sandy and loamy duplex.


In 2009 after considerable negotiations made on behalf of the R.C.S. over 5 years, the old Mt Hardy Reserve came under the management of the R.C.S. when part of the old Mt Hardy Townsite was re-zoned.

Management orders were given to the R.C.S. for this reserve for the “Protection of Natural Landscape”. Boundary fencing with adjoining farmland was completed in 2009 using funding allocated by the Western Australian Department of Water’s Avon River Basin Fencing funds and using labour supplied by the Green Corp.

Recently (2020) a review of this reserve has been undertaken by the RCS with several interesting flora species being discovered and specimens sent to the WA Herbarium for formal identification.  During August, 8,000 reeds donated by Westgrow Farm Trees, were planted by RCS volunteers along Pitt Brook, with the hope that some will survive the salt water and grow and seed to help revegetate this degraded area.  Further revegetation will occur in the future to help to restore the salt scalded areas.  Restoration and permanent fencing of the historic stone well will be undertaken next year.

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